Unto the ages of ages

“Now this phrase ‘before the ages’ is highly significant, because the ages and time are not the same. The Fathers make a distinction between the ages and time, even though they do not know modern physics. In physics, time as understood in the past no longer exists. In the past, time was measured by the movement of the earth relative to the sun and moon.  But now, our understanding of time has changed drastically.

“But what matters to us is that the Fathers clearly distinguish between the ages and time. So the Fathers say that when God created the world, He first created the ages, then the angels, and afterwards both the world and time. In other words, the Fathers knew that time was a dimension of a particular aspect of the created universe, because the ages were the first creation to be created and not time. Time was created later on by God.

“The main difference between the ages and time is that in time one event is followed in turn by another, while in the ages events do not necessarily follow one another. Instead, events and reality coexist in such a way that what happens is not necessarily entangled in the process of succession. But since man exists within time, his experience is limited to alternating states….”

Fr. John Romanides
“Patristic Theology”


One thought on “Unto the ages of ages

  1. I would highly recommend this book as well as others by Fr, John.

    If you are interested in the sin of Adam and its implications you should read Ancestral Sin by Fr. John. It gives the complete Orthodox Christian understanding of the fall and sin. Many that live in the West or are influenced by western culture will see how different the Orthodox view of the fall and sin is in comparison to the teachings of Roman Catholicism and Protestantism after reading Ancestral Sin. To start with there is no inherited collective guilt in Orthodoxy as opposed to the western view of the guilt of Original sin. This is just a foretaste of what Fr. John brings to light in Ancestral Sin.

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