Longing and Hunger for Christ

H/T: Notes on Arab Orthodoxy. Here. Lenten greeting by Metropolitan Ephrem. Translated from the Arabic. The Fast is for Purifying the Heart Beloved, at the beginning of the fast we are placed before this struggle that comes to us anew. We receive it with gladness, joy, and enthusiasm of heart. We have been preparing forContinue reading “Longing and Hunger for Christ”

Great Lent is “nice”

It seems as though, over the years, more and more Protestant churches are acknowledging the benefits of Lent. Granted, I doubt any of them are actually fasting. Whatever the case, they still see it as something which “seems fitting” that during these 40-some days before the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection we should “renounce sinContinue reading “Great Lent is “nice””

Catching zzz’s

H/T: Orthodoxy and Recovery (here) Sleep Disruption There is a common problem with recovering addicts: sleep disruption.  Many alcoholics endure countless hours of insomnia in early recovery, and panic over their inability to either fall asleep or stay that way. Many monasteries operate on a two resting period schedule: sleep after Compline (from somewhere aroundContinue reading “Catching zzz’s”