St. Sava of Serbia

Below is taken from a homily delivered by His Holiness Patriarch Pavle of blessed repose on the feastday of St. Sava the first archbishop of Serbia, which is commemorated today 14/27 January:

“….our people have been celebrating the feast of Saint Sava for centuries, since he was our first archbishop, enlightener and teacher, since he is an inspiration to all of us, an example which shows us how to serve both God and people”.

“Saint Sava grasped the meaning of a wise thought uttered by the holy Prince Lazar, that the worldly empire lasts for a short time, while the Heavenly ones lasts forever. Being a worldly people, men of flesh and blood, we should take care of our bodies and worldly lives, we should know to render, as our saying goes, ‘unto the Emperor what belongs to him, but also unto God what belongs to Him’. Never has God asked for what belongs to the Emperor to be rendered to Him, yet it has happened that the rulers of this world had asked us to render unto them that which belongs to God” said Patriarch Pavle.


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