The more the dirt….

On why we should be thankful for the dirt that others may throw our way

A farmer’s donkey fell into a well. The farmer was thinking that it would be less expensive to bury the donkey there, than to bring him up.  He invited some of his neighbors, and they started shoveling soil into the well.  In the beginning, the donkey let out loud cries. But then he quieted down. A miraculous thing happened: Every time they shoveled soil in the well, the donkey was coming further up. At the end, he came out of the well.

The moral of the story is : The more that dirt is thrown our way, the more we are supposed to rise!


2 thoughts on “The more the dirt….

  1. LOL….Of course, let the people throwing the dirt your way provide you with just enough dirt to climb out of the hole and kick up your heels and knock them on their ________! All done with a smile.

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