Go Browns!

H/T: USA (here)

Free cars if Cleveland Browns blank the Pittsburgh Steelers

Can the Cleveland Browns shut out the Pittsburgh Steelers today? If they do, all the NFL fans who bought cars at a Medina, Ohio, dealership will get them for free.

For the dealership, it’s a pretty safe bet. The Cleveland Plain Dealer contacted Las Vegas odds makers who put the chance of holding the Steelers scoreless at about 5,000 to one. Just to make sure, the newspaper quotes dealer Bill Doraty as saying he shelled out about $30,000 for an insurer to pick up the tab just in case the bet pays off.

The promotion mirrors a couple weeks ago in which a Chicago area dealer was betting the Windy City’s beloved Bears could shut out the Green Bay Packers. He, too, offered free cars. And the shut out never happened.

2 thoughts on “Go Browns!

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  2. ooooohhh we were *this* close to getting a car our whole family can fit into…

    This Bill Doraty would have made a better ROI had he given us a new Escalade via the church and we could have given him a tax deduction!

    Feel free to take us up on this idea any of you car dealers out there….

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