Black Friday, Part Deux

The newest shopping frenzy occurred today with the release of the new Air Jordans. I’m beginning to wonder: are there wild shopping events in other parts of the world, where people violently push and shove, not to mention injure, other people?  In Seattle, for instance, it’s reported that the police had to use pepper spray to stop people from fighting. It seems odd that we read about these things, don’t you think? We’re used to the images and stories of bread lines in communist Russia; children starving in Ethiopia; etc. etc. And yet here, the land of plenty, we fight over shoes.

Just saying.


3 thoughts on “Black Friday, Part Deux

  1. Shoppers are fighting and pushing each other in retail stores — especially on Black Friday — not so much because of the merchandise they want, but because of the exceptionally low price for that merchandise. One way to stop this chaos is for stores to offer rain checks on Black Friday sale merchandise; therefore, if the store runs out of the sale merchandise, the customer can purchase it at the same low price at a later date.

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