3 thoughts on “FOX [Fake] News

  1. Dear Ad Orientem,

    Your quote sounds word-for-word how CNN, MSNBC, and CBS describe Fox. In YOUR opinion, who provides credible news?

    Candidly, I believe the news outlets follow the money. Therefore, none are truly 100% credible nor unbiased. That being said, I appreciate the conservative views that Fox presents.

    I suppose I will continue to tune into multiple sources though to formulate my own educated opinion.

    Kind regards, Kate

  2. Just to note that this report from the Russian news station RT does much the same thing as Fox or CNN (which, by the way, are both taken to task in this piece) in saying that US news sources are in lockstep with the government. They should talk. That said, are any of our news sources really serious and unbiased? Fox simply stands out because it takes the opposite slant from the other news sources.

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