Serbs Want to be Russian

H/T: Theology and Society (here)

Throng of Kosovo Serbs Seek Russian Citizenship; 21,733 Request Citizenship for Russian Protection

The Russian website RIA Novosti reports on November 15, 2011 that more than 21,000 Kosovo Serbs have applied for Russian citizenship, according to Zlatibor Djordjevic, a spokesman for the Old Serbia movement.

“We have handed over 21,733 Russian citizenship requests to the Russian embassy in Belgrade,” Djordjevic said.

He said the letter — addressed to the Russian State Duma — will be delivered to the lower chamber of the Russian parliament via the Foreign Ministry. Djordjevic added that more Serbs may turn to Russia for protection.

“By all possible means, we tried to get protection from our country, but it pushes us back into the state which we refuse to recognize,” Djordjevic said.

Kosovo — a state comprised mainly of Albanian Muslims — seceded and declared its independence from Serbia in February 2008. About 10 percent of Kosovo’s two million people are Serbs, who are primarily of the Eastern Orthodox faith.


2 thoughts on “Serbs Want to be Russian

  1. Dear darrel,

    I don’t think these serbs have any intention of leaving their ancestral grounds. They applied for Russian citizenship because they expect more support from the Russian gouvernement than from the Serbian. Sad state of affairs………….. Russia is now sending a plane carrying 35 tons of food-aid for Kosovo. Later a plane will go with 35 tons of medicines

  2. I did the math, 11% of the orthodox Christian living in Kosovo want to leave Kosovo. I can speculate as to why they are choosing to request Russian citizenship but does anyone know why these people are choosing such a course of action?

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