Is it Gerasenes or Gadarenes?

The following is taken from (here) Gadarenes, Girgesenes, Gerasenes (These three names are used indiscriminately to designate the place where Jesus healed two demoniacs. The first two are in the Authorized Version. (Matthew 8:28; Mark 5:1; Luke 8:26) In Gerasenes in place of Gadarenes. The miracle referred to took place, without doubt, near theContinue reading “Is it Gerasenes or Gadarenes?”

Awesome photos of the revestment of St. John the Wonderworker The official website of the Western American Diocese offers a photo-report of the revestment of the relics of St John On Tuesday, October 25, 2011, in accordance with a decision by the Diocesan Council of Western America, clergymen of the diocese performed the rite of revestment of the uncorrupt relics of St John ofContinue reading “Awesome photos of the revestment of St. John the Wonderworker”

Serbs Want to be Russian

H/T: Theology and Society (here) Throng of Kosovo Serbs Seek Russian Citizenship; 21,733 Request Citizenship for Russian Protection The Russian website RIA Novosti reports on November 15, 2011 that more than 21,000 Kosovo Serbs have applied for Russian citizenship, according to Zlatibor Djordjevic, a spokesman for the Old Serbia movement. “We have handed over 21,733Continue reading “Serbs Want to be Russian”