2 thoughts on “Christ Destroyed Meaninglessness

  1. As I try to learn more about the scriptures, it’s fascinating how the Old Testament mirrors the New. Thank you for sharing this video, I enjoyed it.

    The priest is so dramatic and emphasizes his points with nice gestures. He was really trying to engage what seemed to be a lethargic class.

    Thank you Darrell for the book recommendation. Will add it to my library and pray that I will find the time to read it!

  2. In his talk the Father spoke on the spread of Christianity in India, Currently I am reading “The Gurus, The Young Man, and Elder Paisios” written by Dionysios Farasiotis.

    The author writes about his experiences in India with the Hindu Teachers, his life in Greece, and his experiences with the elders in the Holy Mountain, Mount Athos. Read the book reviews in Amazon and then buy the book. It is an enlighten read.

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