Patriarch Has No Friends

H/T: The Moscow Times (here)

Patriarch Has No Friends

12 October 2011

Patriarch Kirill said he has no friends and never gets a day off, Interfax reported Tuesday.

“The patriarch cannot have friends; he has his flock, and friendship in the everyday sense is practically impossible because he spends all his energy on being a pastor,” the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said in an interview Monday with Moldovan, Romanian and Russian television channels in Chisinau, Moldova.

“Solitude will accompany me to the end of my days as patriarch, just as it did all my predecessors.”

The patriarch said he never has a chance to relax, tackling the papers that pile up on his desk when he’s not traveling or holding meetings. “I have to read up to 300 pages per day,” he said.



4 thoughts on “Patriarch Has No Friends

  1. Patriarch Kirill’s statement that he has no friends must not be taken literally.
    The millions of Russian Orthodox Christians who follow his lead are his friends; the Russian hierarchs who work closely with him are his friends; even Russian Prime Minister Putin is a friend of Patriarch Kirill.

    The fact that Patriarch Kirill may be so busy that he does not have any time for recreation or entertainment with friends is another matter. He really should put some work time aside — at least an hour or two each day — to allow himself to relax and chat with some of his close associates, relatives, and …yes, friends.

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