Heaven on earth

Another beautiful Fall day, perfect for the little almost-to-be-one baby (this Thursday), to enjoy some ice cream!

In the gospel read on the 15th Sunday after Pentecost (Matt. 22:35-46) Jesus reveals that love is at the very essence of the law . Indeed, when the Lord reveals to the young man the commandments on which the very law and prophets hang (22:40) He is also revealing what heaven is. Heaven is that very state where we both experience and partake in God’s love with our entire beings and in the love of those around us. Furthermore, it is according to this law that the church community, the parish, is supposed to exist and hence it is called to be the closest thing to heaven on earth. Whether that’s the case or not is a different topic (for another post perhaps).  God abides in love for He is one God in three persons, three persons who abide in perfect love, unity in diversity. Similarly, the Lord reveals this trinitarian love in these two commandments in which He is, in fact, showing us the three directions to which our love is to be directed: God, neighbor and ourselves, in the sense of our self-respect as human beings created in God’s image.


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