“Show me white!”

“Theology means a discourse  about God. Theology is hence all or nothing. All of nature and subnature  – everything is theology; the entire man and every part on him is theology; all the fields and every flower in it is theology; Sirius and the Milky Way, nebulous and meteors – theology; the Danube and Kopaonik, lakes and the polar lights – theology; the history of the planets and the history of man, the history of radiolarians and the history of every butterfly, and every grain of sand, and every drop of water, and every ray of light – theology….


The publicans and the pharisees wanted signs from the heavens, and these were not given them. And our generation seeks signs from heaven, that is they seek a miracle so that they may believe. “Show us God,” say many of our contemporaries – “show us God, and we will believe.”  But how?  Do these people who hate and do not believe in miracles truly demand the greatest miracle? How can God be shown to them? God is not one of the 70 elements that He might be shown. Imagine that the entire visible world were painted white: houses, streets, fields, forests, the seas, sky – everything becomes white, and imagine someone demanding: show me white!  How will you show it to them? Surely, you will surprisingly say: You show us non-white! In that same manner can we also say to those [who want to see God]: You show us Non-God!”

Taken from St. Nikolaj Velimirovic’s “The Religion of Njegosh”.


One thought on ““Show me white!”

  1. Christians do not need to see God — or see Him perform a miracle — in order to believe in Him. Rather, they believe in God from a spiritual perspective that comes from their hearts, and transcends any need to see Him personally or His omnipotence.

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