Salvation and Health

Source: DOXA, A Quarterly Review Serving the Orthodox Church, Canones, New Mexico:

The Latin word salus (health), and salvatio (salvation) are very closely related. We found some interesting material about this on the Internet in an article called “A Healthcare Model”, by Donnal Walter [here]. He notes that the English words salvation, salutary, solid, whole, and holistic all derive from the very same Indo-European root word, namely “sol-“ meaning “whole” or “solid”. That means that the Old English word we find for “well” in the King James Bible, “whole” (e.g. “He made him whole”), comes from the same root word as do salus and salvatio.

Seeing the close relation between these words deepens our understanding of the Biblical term salvation, for salvation means no less than “everlasting health”. With that in mind, it becomes clear that the Lord’s healing ministry is a type of our own Salvation and Resurrection, for the Resurrection is permanent wholeness.

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