Happy Trails


The blog passed the 300,000 mark today. I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone for visiting and commenting.

By the way, the priest pictured above is not me.


7 thoughts on “Happy Trails

  1. Dear Father Milovan,

    Maggie is looking at your photo of you riding a horse. She wants to know where is your helmet?! All riders need one! A bit of trivia for you….she says you are riding a Lipizzaner who are very energetic. So you definitely need a helmet.

    She believes that it is you in the photo. 🙂

    I told her that God is protecting you.

    Hello to Nikolina (sp?) from Magdalena.


  2. Kate,
    Thanks for the note. Sometimes us priests look alike. So for the record: no, that’s not me on the horse nor, regrettably, was I in Serbia during the Kosovo Men’s Choir trip.

    You probably just someone who looked like me.

  3. That looks like you on the horse. Maggie would love to see you riding! She enjoys doing that from time-to-time. I did not realize until very recently that Nikolina (sp?) slept in the Shadeland bunk right below Maggie, nor did I know that she was your daughter. It’s great to connect the dots!

    Congratulations on your 300,000 mark!

    By the way, my cousin Marko Rogish from Detroit sent me a DVD from the August, 2008 Kosovo Men’s Choir tour in Serbia. Maggie and I thought it was neat that we saw you serving at the Divine Liturgy for the Feast of the Transfiguration!

    Continued success with your blog! Kate Waters (Ketlin Vode in Srpski 🙂

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