“Free to believe”

My last post was on Monday which I took to be a sign as a good start for a week of blogging. This, unfortunately, never panned out. I’ve been busy these past few days, a couple of them even on the road, with little time to sit and write blog posts. Yet, I thought it appropriate that I at least attempt to post something this evening, on the eve of the great feast of the Falling Asleep of the Most Holy Theotokos, as we approach the end of this two week fasting period.

And so I offer a very brief thought. (I’m tired!) Ironically enough my last post dealt with Catholics and so does this one. After all, this is a feast day we share. Of course, we share many things but this doesn’t mean we view them the same way. The Dormition is no exception. I found the following explanation on a website called A Catholic Life (here):

“The Eastern Churches (which are still in union with Rome) refer to today as the Dormition as opposed to the Assumption because they believe that Mary died and was then assumed into Heaven. As Roman Catholics in the Latin Rite, we are free to believe that Mary died and then was assumed into Heaven or that she didn’t die but right before her death she was assumed into Heaven.”

The phrase “free to believe” caught my eye for some reason. Further in the article there is mention of purgatory and the Virgin Mary’s special power of freeing people from purgatory. In fact:

“St. Peter Damian attests that every year on the Feast of the Assumption (August 15), the Virgin liberates thousands of souls.”

A Happy Feast to all!

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