Willing Submission to the Law

H/T: Fr. Ted’s blog (here) on last Sunday’s gospel of the the Gadarene Swine. Taken from Archbishop Lazar Puhalo’s book Not by Bread Alone: Homilies on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew:

“Now once more, Christ reveals both His authority and the meaning of redemption. here is no doubt that Christ had power; he will say so directly at the moment of His betrayal. Nevertheless, it is necessary for us that we see not an exercise of infinite power, but a loving exercise of lawful authority. Indeed the exercise of power is part of the very sickness of the fallen nature which Christ came to heal. The demons had seized power over the Gadarene demoniacs, but Christ had healed the men by exercise of the lawful authority which He has over all created things. We understand, therefore, that we are not saved by the coercion of power, but by our own willing submission to the lawful authority of Christ. Christ came to release us from bondage and make us free children of the household, saved by love, not led into a new bondage by the exercise of a power though He certainly did possess ‘all power in heaven and on earth.’”

One thought on “Willing Submission to the Law

  1. Christians must show eternal love and respect for Christ, not because of the power that Christ has, but because of Christ’s love for mankind.

    Indeed, Christ had the power to prevent Himself from being crucified — He could have even disappeared so as not to be crucified — but He allowed Himself to be crucified because of His love of man. That is why we sometimes refer to Christ as the Savior of man.

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