The Glorious Fruit of Repentance

“What is divine consolation?  I will give you an example, so that you will understand it better.  A young child does something wrong: let’s say he breaks one of his father’s tools, and he is upset over it and cries; because he considers it to be a big mistake. The more the child cries and admits the damage done and continues to suffer over it, the more the father caresses his child and tries to console him. ‘It’s alright, my child; don’t cry, don’t worry.  It’s not so serious; we’ll buy another tool.'”

Spiritual Counsels of the Blessed Elder Paisios of Mt. Athos 1994


2 thoughts on “The Glorious Fruit of Repentance

  1. Christians need to by sympathetic and loving toward someone — especially a child — who is in a sad situation. We must support that person — even if he has damaged one of our tools — because, in the final analysis, the love and support we convey toward that person transcends the consequences of an unfortunate situation.

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