Stealing History

Photo above, the monasteries and churches of Kosovo and Metohija. George Patsourakos has a post on his Theology and Society blog (here) about more disturbing news from Kosovo. As they stole Kosovo from the Serbs now they are attempting to steal Serbian history which is nothing new (see an old post here).

Below is George’s post from Theology and Society:

Heritage Group Tries to Weaken Serbian Culture; Wanted to Call Monasteries “Kosovo Monuments”

“Attempt that four Serbian monasteries of culture — monasteries Pecka Patrijargija, Decani, Gracanica, and Bogorodica Ljeviska — are renamed as ‘Kosovo monuments’ is the most flagrant violation of the international law and is a shameful attempt to support those who want to erase every trace of Serbian presence in Kosovo over centuries,” Sladjana Prica, Serbian Deputy Minister for Multicultural Issues, told Blic website.

At the 35th annual session of the Committee for the World Heritage in Paris last week, Prica — as representative of the Republic of Serbia — had just one minute to persuade the participants that such a proposal was “unacceptable and shameful.”

“The proposal was made by the Committee Secretariat because of huge pressure made on it. Among the countries leading in making that pressure were France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Australia,” Prica said.

Prior Sava Decanski — also from Serbia — told Blic that taking away Serbian identity from its spiritual and historical monuments in Kosovo would mean “amputation of our historical remembering.”

Kosovo seceded as a province in Serbia and declared itself an independent nation three years ago. Serbia — a nation whose religion is primarily Eastern Orthodox Christian — has several beautiful monasteries and churches in Kosovo, whose primary religion is Islam.

2 thoughts on “Stealing History

  1. Father, bless!

    That’s nothing new, they also keep claiming Georgios Kastriotis as their own. Oh, well, what to expect of a nation without a real history apart from theft and bloodfeud? It’s a real pity that after being present in the region for about 1000-1200 years they have nothing to show which they created or achieved themselves. Even Albanian and “Kosovar” independence had to be given to them by the great powers………..

  2. It is shameful and actually criminal what some of the ‘intelligentsia’ and the ‘sophisticated’ nations are doing, raising genocide so high into academic redemption that they can feel perfectly sinless and sleep well after doing their day’s work, rewriting history in books and on the ground itself.

    This hatred of Orthodox peoples is nothing new, and is on an ethnic level, the same hatred leveled against Christ Himself, hated not just because He was a Jew, but because He is the Truth. Serbia has been the scapegoat of the West for as long as I can remember.

    The Greeks, of course, are only in a slightly better position. We cannot be downgraded to the status of mud and filth as is done to other Orthodox nations, because somehow or another, we gave not only Europe, but the entire world, almost every concept of value that is not already found in the Bible, and of course, because we preserved the Bible for them.

    But the cause of Turkdom lives on, even after having to relinquish control of our bodies, it is still after our souls, not just the souls of Greeks and Serbs, but of civilized Western man. Here is a typical example of what is being propagated now, against Hellenism:

    The link provided is the result of typing ‘5000 Greek words come from Turkish’ into Google. What it found was a Network54 forum where such regrettable nonsense can be posted. The author lists 483 Turkish words, English translation, and Greek equivalent, proving, for example, that the Greek word φιλοσοφος comes from the Turkish word filozof.

    He explains [grammar corrected], ‘When the big powers of Europe decided to create today’s fake Greeks to divide the Ottoman Empire, the so-called Greeks needed a language created for them.They took Latin grammer, took about 5,000 Turkish words and some Italian words, then created today’s Greek language…’

    Impossible! but such ‘ideas’ are in circulation today. Any wonder why Europe and even the world is in such a mess?

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