From a radical to a moderate

Just finished reading “My Year Inside Radical Islam” by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a book I didn’t expect to take as long to read. Perhaps it was due to the writing style which, to be honest, I didn’t care for that much.  Granted, the author had no literary aspirations when he set out to write this memoir.Continue reading “From a radical to a moderate”

“As long as they keep praying”

H/T: Fox News (here). Pastor Defends Calling Wife ‘Smokin’ Hot’ in Prayer Before NASCAR Race A Nashville pastor is defending a NASCAR pre-race prayer in which he thanked God for his “smokin’ hot wife,” saying he wanted a blessing that would be remembered. Joe Nelms of Family Baptist Church gave the invocation at Saturday night’sContinue reading ““As long as they keep praying””

Willing Submission to the Law

H/T: Fr. Ted’s blog (here) on last Sunday’s gospel of the the Gadarene Swine. Taken from Archbishop Lazar Puhalo’s book Not by Bread Alone: Homilies on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew: “Now once more, Christ reveals both His authority and the meaning of redemption. here is no doubt that Christ had power; he willContinue reading “Willing Submission to the Law”