We fight the Battle of Kosovo

A homily delivered by former bishop of Ras-Prizren Artemije from 2007:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!

Your Eminence, venerable and honorable fathers, brothers and sisters, Your Excellency, Mr. Minister! A joyous and blessed Vidovdan  on this evening which has brought us together here before the beautiful Gracanica, to celebrate the 618th memory of the battle of Kosovo when Prince Lazar and the other Serbian knights laid down their lives for the Heavenly Kingdom, for those eternal values which give value to life, but are also worth dying for when needed.

The battle of Kosovo is different from other battles in the history of mankind. All battles last, some shorter some longer, and then they are finished and they enter history; but the battle of Kosovo has lasted, behold, over six hundred years. And we find ourselves in the final phase of the Kosovo battle, or so it seems to us, and if it will be, probably, that the Kosovo battle will continue after us and after our generation. Why? Because it is the battle for the Heavenly Kingdom, for the Honorable Cross and Golden Freedom, for those eternal values without which there is no life to the Orthodox Serb and without which he could not exist. For this reason every generation, every age, every man is really fighting the battle of Kosovo.

Our time is exceptional in that right today, when many of the mighty of the world are trying to snatch Kosovo and Metohija from the bosom of Serbia, to pluck it out as a heart is plucked out and to turn Serbia into a corpse, we are fighting not to allow that. And I believe that no one will be able to take from us what is to us the most holiest, that which to us is the most precious, more than even our lives. In this may the holy Prince Lazar be our guide and leader, as he was on the Kosovo field on that famous battle of Kosovo in 1389, while we, with faith in God, with hope in God’s help will endure on this territory, to remain here, by our holy sites, by our tombs, on the land of our ancestors. Let us not allow any winds to blow us away from here, let us not sell that which our ancestors left for us to preserve and pass on to our younger, future generation. Only if we live in Kosovo, brothers and sisters, Kosovo and Metohija will live in Serbia and in the Serbian people.

May the Lord allow it to be thus through the prayers of the Holy Prince Lazar and all the others venerable Saints from our people. Amen, God grant it.


4 thoughts on “We fight the Battle of Kosovo

  1. Warfare is a fascinating subject. Despite the dubious morality of using violence to achieve personal or political aims. It remains that conflict has been used to do just that throughout recorded history.

    Your article is very well done, a good read.

  2. 6.30.12 “Kosovo’s priceless Orthodox Churches and Monasteries will continue to be used by Serbs ad infinitum,” George wrote. Sadly, many who wished to be there this year, were rebuked. Their Serbian flags, their Serbian shirts and chuburas were taken from them. Many young children were injured as huge cement chunks were thrown through bus windows. But Kosovo IS Serbia, there is no doubt. Kosovo will leave on in the hearts of her people….

    Here’s a poem from Mark S. Kuhar, poet,Cleveland OH

    “Remembering the Bloody Spring of 1999:
    Serbia Burning” (May 10, 1999)

    Excerpts as they appeared in the American SRBOBRAN Literary Supplement of 2001

    Baba Anka is in Kosovo,
    hiding in the root cellar.
    She refuses to leave.
    Militias set fire to farms
    and raze villages,
    and pilfer TV sets
    from once proud suburban homes,
    and rape teenage girls
    in foul garages stinking of gas.
    Baba Anka hides—-
    as she did in 1944.

    In Belgrade
    they hold hands and sing songs
    with targets pinned to their backs.
    They pick through the ruins of buildings
    and as bombs fall,
    another wave
    of the deceased and deported
    crosses over Albania’s borer
    with only the shirts on their back….

    There are no new cars in Kosovo,
    none in Belgrade.
    The planes rain metal death
    on convoys and columns
    attacking mute targets
    while soldiers cower in the forest….

    Once the Turks
    owned the dirt of Kosovo.
    On the Field of Blackbirds
    the Serbian army-
    wiped out to the last dead man.
    Kosovo is Gettysburg.
    Kosovos is Normandy,
    Kosovo is Waterloo,
    Kosovo is Stalingrad,
    Kosovo is Bunker Hill,
    Kosovo is Atlanta burning.
    That’s what it means to the Serbs.
    There is no Serbia without Kosovo.

  3. Although it seceded from Serbia and now calls itself an independent nation, Kosovo will always be an integral part of Serbia. Indeed, Kosovo’s priceless Orthodox Churches and Monasteries will continue to be used by Serbs ad infinitum.

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