Our Faith is Indestructible

Tomorrow is the great Serbian feast of Vidovan, the feastday of the Holy and GreatMartyr Lazar of Kosovo and all Serbia Martyrs. I found this message of Metropolitan Amphilohije from the Serbian Patriarchate website archive page, from last year’s feast:

“As the poem says, ‘Vidovdan, my eye’s vision, with you I see what others don’t see,’ on this Vidovdan, just as ever other, we see what we were from the time of the Battle of Kosovo…we see Prince Lazar and his choice for the Heavenly Kingdom, his sacrifice for the faith and his journey on which is founded not only Vidovdan but the fate of our entire people…..We see that which happened today and we see that hope is indestructible because the foundation on which Kosovo is built is indestructible, the holy sites which are sown throughout  it are indestructible, for the faith which defended us and fed us and kept us throughout the ages to this day is indestructible.”

Vidovdan, he stated, bears witness not only to what we once were but to what we are and that God is always with His faithful.

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