This blog has been inactive these past few days with good reason: I was in Serbia for a little over two weeks, something I neglected to note before my departure.  Last time my oldest son went with me and this time was the next to oldest’s turn. We were able to go and see many things during our trip. One of the highlights was taking part in the Litija on the feast of the Ascension which is celebrated majestically in Belgrade which is celebrated as the Slava of the city.

Anyways, I’m back and will resume with posts once the jet lag wears off.

4 thoughts on “Back

  1. Yes, I was sure you hadn’t been raptured on the 21st, but I wondered where you went. Now that you have explained it, especially the Litija on the feast of the Ascension, I can see that you were, in a very definite sense, raptured into the presence of the Lord. There is meaning in the holy faith of Christ and the apostles wherever you look.

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