5 thoughts on “A New Russian Church in Paris?

  1. I think I am the only one (with the possible exception of the designers) who likes this monstrosity. I think that the veil dividing the universe between the heavens and the earth in a strange and unexpected way alludes to the firmament and the waters above it and the waters below. Why not let the sky be as a celestial Holy of Holies through whose veil the domes of the Church alone protrude? Isn’t it what we are doing, reaching up and through the mystery to present ourselves before the Throne, or cannot those golden domes be significant of our souls piercing through the veil of the created world to meet the Lord in the air on the Day of resurrection?

    There is so much beauty and goodness and signs and wonder where we sometimes are afraid to look. I never knew how beautiful my garden looked from on high until I poked my head through the hole I cut in the roof of my house to install a wood-stove chimney, and looked around. Or, as in the opening scene of the Russian film ‘Andrey Rublev’, despite the superstitious hoards who came and beat up his accomplices, the medieval Russian inventor of the hot air balloon got ‘up and away’ and between his ecstatic cries of ‘I am flying! I am flying’ he was probably the first man to see the churches and battlements of his ancient homeland from the air, and what a wonder! Yes, his hot air balloon wasn’t perfect, and he crash landed. But wasn’t it worth the try?

  2. Ugh. Ugly. Will they really have to literally “lay it thick” on the temple?

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