5 thoughts on “Freudian Slip?

  1. Osama bin Laden reportedly advised his children not to join him in jihad: “As for you my children: Forgive me for not giving you except but a minimum amount of my time since I have begun my call for jihad,” bin Laden allegedly writes in the will. “And I advise you not to join in the work of Al-Qaeda.” (source).

    Bin Laden is not Al-Qaeda and, unfortunately, his death will bring no change in the world. Except maybe now there is a greater threat of terrorism.

  2. I was a psych. major and studied the brain and the way it stores and retrieves information. It would be interesting to know if there are other reasons beyond the similarities in the sound of the names why the brain retrieved information in this case the way it did for these reporters. Funny!

    I have mixed feelings about the events as has Valerie. The only real victory would have been complete repentance on Bin Laden’s part. Though Bin Laden himself can no longer perpetrate violence, history suggests the mantle will be taken up by someone else and the cycle of violence will merely escalate and continue. Lord, have mercy on all!

  3. We need to pray for God’s mercy upon the men that followed the orders. Such mixed emotions as a Christian….happy this man is gone but his followers live on and will continue to believe (even more so now) that they need to revenge his death. I just hope the hundred virgins that await him (as Muslims believe) are old and decrepit – now that will be justice (sorry I had to add a little humor).

    BTW….when Luke & I first heard the special report, he thought they said Obama was dead too.

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