The Samaritan Woman and the End of the World

Tomorrow is the fifth Sunday of Pascha, the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman. In a homily given by Fr. Andrew Phillips (here) he makes an interesting point especially in light of the recent end-of-the-world scare. (See link above for full homily): “And this is why this world still continues today, why the world has notContinue reading “The Samaritan Woman and the End of the World”

The most enduring words in history

H/T: Vatopaidi (here) Science studies the Jesus Prayer It may seem a lot of effort over just seven words: Finding 110 Eastern Orthodox Christians, giving them a battery of tests ranging from psychology to theology to behavioral medicine, and then repeating the tests 30 days later. But the seven words—”Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy onContinue reading “The most enduring words in history”

Fourth Sunday of Pascha

Christ is Risen! On this fourth Sunday after Pascha the gospel, for the first time during this post Pascha period, is not about the Resurrection. It’s about the healing of a paralytic. And chronologically speaking Jesus is in Jerusalem for the Feast of Passover (the Gospel says one of the Jewish festivals – it mayContinue reading “Fourth Sunday of Pascha”