Is it because it’s Spring….?

Христос Васкрсе!

Found this in Serbian (here) but nothing about it in English.

A group of Polish nuns have made it their task to save boys from going down the “path of evil” if they would fall under the temptation of using the services of “ladies of the night”.  Twelve nuns to be exact are sitting by the phone ready to be of help.  “Instead of prostitutes, call us,” says their ad.

“Being a man is a great thing. God gave man the privilege of being a father, to take care of a family. They need to act bravely and not be subject to weaknesses,” said Sister Teresa behind the project hotline.

The Dominican Sisters do not scare the men by talking of the eternal flames of hell.

“Even when someone sets out on the path of evil we should not be judgmental, but return them to the correct path,” says the emergency line in Krakow.

“I don’t know if its because of Spring … but we have been bombarded with phone call these last few days,” says Sister Teresa.


4 thoughts on “Is it because it’s Spring….?

  1. “Nuns are more effective than men in discouraging boys from hooking up with “ladies of the night” because nuns can provide more objective reasons for discouraging this kind of behavior. ”

    Well, how about priests or brothers, or at least Catholic men trained in morals and theology to help guide these men? Nuns aren’t necessarily the most ideal choice out there for this.

  2. I agree. My first thought was that this, while I’m sure well-intentioned, was weird, if not inappropriate. Especially as a certain kind of intimacy can be developed very quickly over the phone …. and what are these men saying exactly to these nuns?

  3. In spring, the days are brighter and longer, the weather is warmer, the flowers begin to blossom, and boys begin to be attracted to girls more, since girls tend to wear less but more provocative clothing in the spring.

    Nuns are more effective than men in discouraging boys from hooking up with “ladies of the night” because nuns can provide more objective reasons for discouraging this kind of behavior. Many boys — and even men– view this obsession by boys as “natural” for satisfying their sexual needs, but women tend to view it as a sinful relationship that can result in negative ramifications for a lifetime.

  4. An unusual and unexpected ministry, to be sure, but even if out of the twelve sisters just one man is saved just once from ‘the path of evil’, that might lead him to better things and have a more lasting effect. These sisters are planting seeds that may bear fruit in righteousness and even holiness. Nothing we do for Christ, no matter how ridiculous it may look to others or even to ourselves, is wasted. God is economical. He saves us.

    My question is, but why send women to do ‘a man’s job’? I’m, not asking this of God, or questioning His providence, but thinking out loud, and wondering why the art of being a true man is not passed on from man to man, from father to son, from spiritual father to spiritual son. If even one father handed over the image of Christ in him to even one son, what would society look like? By ‘handed over’ I mean, not just sit down and have a ‘father to son’ talk—even that isn’t done anymore!—but to hand over the image of true man, one day at a time, but every day, nurturing, supporting, challenging, teaching, keeping close enough but not enslaving, rehearsing, reviewing, testing, praising, warning but not blaming, revealing what love means when it walks as a man.

    Lord, have mercy on us! that we cannot hand over to our sons what You and Your holy apostles try so hard to hand over to us! Or have we or they not been willing to receive what would be handed over, if we wanted it? It is never too late, Lord, in Your time until You come again for us, so give us grace to seek You, both to give You and to receive You, for ‘You are so strong, we are so weak, and our brothers so hungry.’

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