Girl Would Rather Die than Deny Faith

I found this story on a Serbian site this evening and after a google search came to this English translation posted here. Is it a true story?

Russian Girl Refuses to Deny Faith

Alina Milan (Elena by baptism) died on the 14th of March, 2011 [in Israel]. Alina was a fifth year student at Moscow State University’s Law School. This event might have passed unnoticed had it not been for certain details.

Alina Milan was 23 years old. Three years ago she was diagnosed with alveolar hydatid liver disease*: the sprouting of parasites in the hepatic vein and all the veins of the liver (she required an immediate liver transplant, which in Russia is not performed).

In October of last year, with the help of charitable funding, Alina was admitted to The Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel. Before her departure, doctors informed Alina’s mother that Alina had at best two weeks left to live…

While Alina had been preparing for her departure to Israel, her mother and she were faced with a very serious decision. They were given the opportunity to become Israeli citizens, in which case the medical treatment would be free of charge. To gain citizenship it was simply necessary to fill out an application form, by where in one blank it asked for “religious confession”. According to state laws it is only possible for Jews and atheists to gain Israeli citizenship.** Alina refused point-blank to fill out the application form. “I will not take off my Cross, I will not deny Christ, it’s not worth it”.

Despite the strong support of of Alina’s friends and fellow students of the Moscow State University Law School, the necessary sum for the transplant was not met in time (the transplant costs around 300,000 dollars).

Now we can only pray for her, however, a person who has abandoned life rather than abandoning the faith, is more likely to intercede on behalf of us, sinners, before the Lord.

*A parasitic disease caused by the larval stage of a microscopic tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis.

**There exists the possiblity to acquire Israeli citizenship by naturalization: “Adults may acquire Israeli citizenship through naturalization. To be eligible for naturalization, a person must have resided in Israel for three years out of the previous five years. In addition, the applicant must have a right to reside in Israel on a permanent basis. All naturalization requests are, however, at the discretion of the Minister of the Interior” (Wikipedia: Israeli Nationality).


10 thoughts on “Girl Would Rather Die than Deny Faith

  1. This story was in the news, so I believe is true. But the girl was entitled to the Israeli citizenship on other grounds – she had some Jewish ancestors, and she could become a citizen on the basis of Law Of Return. According to Wikipedia:
    “The law since 1970 applies to those born Jews (having a Jewish mother or maternal grandmother), those with Jewish ancestry (having a Jewish father or grandfather) and converts to Judaism (Orthodox, Reform, or Conservative denominations—not secular—though Reform and Conservative conversions must take place outside the state, similar to civil marriages).”

  2. If this really did happen we may have a new saint. On the other hand, I agree that this story sounds rather fishy. It seems like something that may have been created in order to encourage anti-Semitism.

  3. Sounds sort of “fishy” to me! Not saying it couldn’t or didn’t happen but…
    Israel has enough problems with image to ‘officially’ allow this to occur. It would be to their advantage to help her and make them look good to Christians.
    I’m betting there is more to the story that isn’t being told, that some one or group is spreading falsehoods to make Israel and/or Judaism look bad or it’s just an out right lie. Wouldn’t be the first time. Ever heard of ‘blood libel’? ‘Saint Hugh’ the passover lamb, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

  4. edidted to rid the original of some mistakes:
    this story makes no sense after a small bit of research they do preform liver transplants in russia and health care in russia is also free to russian citizens, but lets say we assume russia sucks so she cant get it because u still need money to bribe people, okay so what does she do then? does she go to a country where it cost much less? no, she chooses israel where its extremely expensive appearntly according to the story if ur not a citizen about 300,000 dollars instead of a country like india where its appearntly only about 40,000-60,000 dollars (about 1/6 of what she needed in israel) so were saying she couldnt afford the free health care in her own country(with possible cost of bribe needed?)?? so she decided to choose a country that was way more expensive since i mean how much money would u need to bribe someone in russia to get the surgery thats allegedly free to all citizens liek come on 20 grand couldnt get them do something thats free? also they said immediate need for a liver transplant then for 3 years she went without one? what excatly is immediate im unsure how that works? and if money was the initial problem she would have went to a country like india where transplants are much less expensive not one of the most expensive countries…appearntly she was just like oh its too expensive here in russia to bribe someone to get my surgery so i will go to a country that will cost way more than any bribe could possibly be to try and raise money to get it there? and she also appearntly decides rather than risk going to a country like india and getting her transplant on the cheap shed just rather give up and die? you also dont have to be only either jewish or atheist to be an israeli citizen according israeli law jewish is not only a religion but also a nationality thus you can be jewish nationality wise but not religious wise. if one of her parents or grandparents were jewish she qualifies for the right of return law and the only way u are technically disqualified from that is if you were raised jewish then you converted to a different religion, if she was raised christian shed be fine since she never converted from the jewish religion, but according the story she must have been trying to gain citizenship through this method right of return (but if this were true her only problem could have been that she was raised jewish and then converted to christianity which why did the story leave that entire part out then since its central to the story?). this whole story is just proposterous it obviously cant be true it has so many flaws and just requires complete incompetence on so many levels.
    even the comment at the bottom of the story by George Patsourakos makes no sense since now in america the operation was free because we have free health care and all especially to foreigners we just give it away? so the whole problem she had in israel he would actually like to watch repeat itself but in the usa instead? are people really this uninformned? plus i like how he says if only she was in a predominatly christian country as if some how this is the jews fault and they were just trying to force some poor chrstian girl to convert or die. and lets not forget the fact that he totally ignores that she comes from a predominatly chrisitan nation russia.

  5. Alina Milan was a true Christian — indeed a person who put Christ before herself — by refusing to change her Christian religion to Judaism or atheism, in order to receive a free operation in Israel to save her life. She must be commended and even revered for this ultimate human sacrifice.

    I do find it sad that she did not go to a predominantly Christian country — such as the United States — where the operation she needed to save her life could have been performed.

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