Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers

My parish hosted the Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers Sunday evening. We had a very nice turn out. We had eleven priests and one deacon and a full church. Thank God, it was very nice. More photos here.


3 thoughts on “Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers

  1. The Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers is a very inspiring service, as it is enhanced by so many beautiful and spiritual icons shown by church officials and others.

    Indeed, this service can have such an in-depth Christian effect on worshipers that many view it as being in Heaven.

  2. You can find the Order for the Cutting of the Slava Kolach here – the Service in English is on the bottom of page, I think I counted 17. Unfortunately it is only in English. This book is actually in Serbian and English but they apparently only have the English part of it online.

  3. The Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers is a truly moving service. “This is the faith that established the universe!”

    Off topic…I have a question. I’m looking for an online copy of the Krsna Slava service for Sv. Lazar of Serbia, preferably in both Serbian and/or Slavonic, and English. I haven’t been able to find it. Do you have any idea where I might look for it? I would very much appreciate you help!

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