To forgive or not to forgive

Metropolitan Amphilohije of Montenegro and the Coastlands said yesterday in Herceg-Novi that those who seek from him forgiveness for his assessment of Belgrade’s “Pride Parade” have no right since he wasn’t expressing his hatred for man, rather he condemned the sin, reported Tanjug.

He said that one is only able to ask for his forgiveness if he, as a bishop of the Orthodox Christian church, had expressed his hatred towards anyone as God’s creatures, towards man as an icon of God. …. “Everyone has the right to live their lives as they see fit yet this does not mean that that way is really the true way,” said the metropolitan….  He said that the Church cannot proclaim evil as good, a crime as a good deed, hatred as love…The metropolitan also pointed out that the Church cannot kill children in their mothers’ womb and then proclaim that as something good since some law allows it. “The Church must have its own say and let others decide whether they will accept it or not….the Church cannot accept an unnatural way of living as the principle of living,” adding that the Church cannot deny the freedom of others but it is responsible to point out sins.


One thought on “To forgive or not to forgive

  1. The Metropolitan of Montenegro is correct in stating that he does not need to apologize for criticizing a “Pride Parade” in Belgrade, because he was condemning the sin of homosexuality, not man himself. If man wants to choose homosexuality as a lifestyle, he has a right to do so; nonetheless, Christianity does indeed condemn homosexuality as a sin.

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