Life is indestructible

This translation is not the best but the message is beautiful. Bishop Danilo (Krstic) of blessed memory is always a treat to listen to. Above is the short You Tube clip:

“…The  sky and heaven, we say heavens in the plural. Meaning God is not in heaven but in the heavens. This is outside of space. Time does not flow there and that’s why the Lord Jesus Christ again returns at thirty three years of age, the same age He was when He ascended.  And all of us old people will resurrect at thirty three years of age, we are rejuvenated. And even children will in seconds time, even that bullet size baby that was aborted by his mother. He too will resurrect in a second to that age of thirty three and will say to his mother, “Hello mama, you were able to steal from me my earthly life but you can’t steal from me the eternal, heavenly life. And this will be joy to the mother, for life is indestructible. God is the greatest sculptor who, through the love of mother and father, forms a new living statue. We were all living statues in the wombs of our mothers which God created. The love of mother and father works in cooperation with God’s creating love.”

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