Adam’s “infantile mind”

The Meeting of the Lord, which we on the old calendar celebrate on this 15th of February, is, similar to Theophany and the Circumcision, an event from the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ where He demonstrates His divine kenosis. Or, as Metropolitan Hierotheos says at one place, “Since the Word of God Himself gave the law to Moses, when He assumed human flesh He had to keep the law, so as not to be a law-breaker.” The metropolitan continues:

“By means of this infancy He cured Adam’s “infantile mind”. When God formed Adam in Paradise, Adam was an infant as to grace and sanctification. He did have an illuminated nous, but he had to be tested and attain deification. Since he was unshaped and an infant in spirit, because he had a infantile mind, he was easily deceived by the evil demon, who awaken him to sin and evil. Therefore Christ having the bodily age of an infant cured not only Adam’s infantile mind also his human nature and did what the first Adam failed to do. Thus, by the incarnation of His Son, God the Father made the deification of man more sure and effective. In Christ the devil could no longer deceive man’s human nature, as he had done with ease in the first Adam.”

The Feasts of the Lord
Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos
p. 80

One thought on “Adam’s “infantile mind”

  1. The devil could not deceive Christ, as it had deceived Adam. In fact, the Resurrection of Christ assures Christians that they will be saved and enter the Kingdom of Heaven after they die.

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