Become worthy through your diligence

The following is a quote I found on Fr. Ted’s blog [here] in connection with the reading taken from St. Matthew’s gospel (15:21-28) of the Cannaanite woman who begs the Lord to have mercy on her daughter while the disciples, on the other hand, tell the Master to “send her away”. Yet she keeps at it….:

“What precisely was the Canaanite woman’s inner spiritual virtue that Jesus wanted to reveal so that she would be blessed with the healing of her daughter and so that the disciples (and we) could profit spiritually?  In his explanation, St John Chrysostom uses the word “assiduity” in his translation.  This older English word is a characteristic of a person who is diligent, energetic, industrious, persevering, persistent resolute, and zealous.  No wonder Jesus said to her, O woman, great is your faith!  Be it done for you as you desire”!

Chrysostom explains:  “Never mind,” he says, “that you are unworthy.  Become worthy by your assiduity.  For it is possible both that the unworthy should become worthy from his assiduity, and that God assents more when called on by ourselves than by others.”     

(Harakas, Stanley Samuel, Archbishop Iakovos, Of Life and Salvation:  Reflections on Living the Christian Life, pg 124)

One thought on “Become worthy through your diligence

  1. Assiduity or diligence is an important characteristic for true Christians to possess. It can mean that a Christian is persistent or persevering in his Christian belief and will do anything that is necessary to support that belief.
    A more modern word can be used to describe assiduity or perseverance. It’s called “stick-to-it-iveness!”

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