A Secret Code in a Secret Supper

Finished reading The Secret Supper yesterday, the sort of reading material I usually don’t bother with but I found it in the bargain section of Borders and decided to pick it up for some casual reading.  Though I can’t compare it to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, which I never read, according to some reviewsContinue reading “A Secret Code in a Secret Supper”

A Contemporary Manner of Painting

A quote from Fr. Stamatis Skliris, priest, iconographer and medical doctor whose icons I’ve posted here in the past (here,here) from an interview I found in a recent issue of Pravoslavlje, the publication of the Serbian Patriarchate, when he was asked for his thoughts on the current state of iconography: “I would begin with theContinue reading “A Contemporary Manner of Painting”

The Pursuit of Happiness

H/T: Fr. Ted’s blog (here): It has been claimed that the happiness of the individual is the greatest good according to the American culture. The happiness of the individual is even part of the American Declaration of Independence and the rights of the individual are guaranteed and protected by a host of charters and documentsContinue reading “The Pursuit of Happiness”

Adam’s “infantile mind”

The Meeting of the Lord, which we on the old calendar celebrate on this 15th of February, is, similar to Theophany and the Circumcision, an event from the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ where He demonstrates His divine kenosis. Or, as Metropolitan Hierotheos says at one place, “Since the Word of GodContinue reading “Adam’s “infantile mind””