More from The Gurus, the Young Man…

In The Gurus, the Young Man and Elder Paisios, the author describes how during his stay at the ashram, which is like a religious hermitage, he has access to a library with many books about yoga and related topics. Among the things he found was an incident which revealed to him the true nature of the gurus who showed little respect and love for their disciples:

“In one article, the guru related how he used to roam about he villages of India. At one point, he helped a villager, who remunerated him by teaching him how to invoke spirits from the underworld. One evening, he went to a cemetery with some of his disciples in order to put into practice what he had learned. However, when the spirits came, we wasn’t able to contend with them, so he turned them on a woman disciple, who was soon possessed by them. After being tortured a great deal, she finally died. In order to purify himself of this act, he remained continuously in the waters of the Ganges for three days and three nights.”

He also writes:

“The library also contained books by Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902; pictured above), who had become famous in the West, especially in America and England, at the end of the nineteenth century for his lectures on Hinduism. He was the disciple of the great yogi and Hindu saint, Ramakrishna (1836-1886), who entrusted him with the mission of forming Hindu centers in America and throughout the world.

Since I had read some of Vivekananda’s books, the last will and testament attributed to him, sitting on the shelf before me, caught my eye. I had never heard of this short book or seen it before, and since that time I have never seen it again. The contents of this book were startling and eye-opening. The author described a long-standing attempt or conspiracy to alter Western Christianity and replace it with Eastern beliefs. He claimed that this scheme for the destruction of Christianity was designed by certain higher spiritual beings (or spirits, from what I could gather), was set in motion several generations ago, and was now well in place. He considered himself to be but a humble servant of this plan, following in the footsteps of other earlier figures, whom he listed by name. He was satisfied that he had brought to completion that part of the plan that was entrusted to him and now he could leave this life with a sense of accomplishment.

What struck me was not only the admission of a “plan”, but also the persons and means implicated. For example, the book mentioned the famous psychologist Carl Jung, who earlier in his career broke with the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, and went on to lay the foundations for much of contemporary personality theory. But some of what no doubt consider to be his original discoveries were in fact beliefs taken from Hinduism regarding the structure and process of the human soul, in which the original Sanskrit terms were replaced with his own simple and easily understandable ones. As these ideas became increasingly acceptable, his works became increasingly metaphysical, so that later in life Jung made no attempts to hide the connections with Hinduism, which he then acknowledged to have been his inspiration.”


4 thoughts on “More from The Gurus, the Young Man…

  1. Greetings in Christ: Roman Catholic catechumen here (convert from Hinduism). Try as I might, I have not been able to locate any references to Vivekananda’s last will and testament cited in the passage above.

    Do you have any leads?

    Pax tecum.

  2. I have read the book when it was given to me by my Priest. I sought his help to become an Orthodox Christian after doing “seemingly harmless Yoga exercises” for 4 years to heal a back injury. It worked, but even with saying prayers while trying to keep an “open mind”, I was ignorant of the real dangers. They made themselves known and by the Grace of God I was Chrismated December 25th, 2009. Glory to God! I wish all could read this book as it is real, and I am hoping it helps others see the truth as it helped me. I knew I wanted to be Orthodox, and when I told my Priest what I had been feeling, he gave me the book. I read it, went to Orthodox classes at the Church and became an Orthodox Christian after proper time allowed. There was still a battle, but Christ helped me. I have an in-law family member who is very much into “logic” and is Buddhist, and I see the pattern being set early on by such supposed “great minds” as the mentioned psycho-analysts. He was exposed at the age of 18 in Europe when the Catholic Church had scandal unknowingly happening. My family in Ireland even today are scarred and Eastern Spirituality is taking root. This is sad, and evidence of a wolf ready to attack when the sheep are injured.
    Please continue to teach people of this book, Father, as it is everywhere you look down the street. Yoga studios, schools, gyms, senior centers. Danger quietly lurking. God Bless and take care.
    Peace in Christ,

  3. This is a cool book, but I don’t get how so many negative events could occur and the author still continued investigating hinduism. Maybe this is a male thing, because a member of the prog rock group Mars Volta admitted having serious and spooky disasters befall him and his loved ones after finding some occult book and translating a voice connected with it. Yet he insisted on continuing the translation!
    Most women would have made the connection very quickly between the occult book or hinduism and spooky disasters, and dropped them like hot potatoes.

  4. As a result of your blog and a number of other references to Elder Paisios, I have purchased this book and will enjoy reading it.


    Fr. Thomas

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