From great man to great myth

I’m certainly late with this post but this morning I received my January issue of Pravoslavlje, the official newspaper of the Serbian Patriarchate, and I found this article which had been translated from English to Serbian and originally appeared in the New York Times (here): St. Nick in the Big City ST. NICHOLAS was aContinue reading “From great man to great myth”

Gain your neighbor and you’ll gain God

Taken from Leah’s blog Christ is in our midst! (here): More than fifteen hundred years ago St. Anthony the Great declared that “a time is coming when people will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying, ‘you are mad, you are not like us.” It mayContinue reading “Gain your neighbor and you’ll gain God”

“Pop Icon” Returns Orthodox Icon

These past few days have been busy ones, all of which culminated in yesterday’s feast of St. John the Baptist, our family Krsna Slava. We prepared food and more food and the house and the kids and our ourselves for a day of celebrating, welcoming guests…which means today we’re recovering. I caught a glimpse ofContinue reading ““Pop Icon” Returns Orthodox Icon”