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Serbian Bishop Irinej Blasts WWII Nazi Crimes; Ranks Them Worse Than Communist Crimes

Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Bishop Irinej says he is against any equating of the German Nazi crimes with those committed by communists in former Yugoslavia, the B92 website reports today (December 16, 2010).

“Without justifying any execution without a trial, we cannot put an equation sign between that kind of terror and the Holocaust,” the SPC dignitary told the Holocaust Seminar at the Assembly of Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

Irinej said it was true that communist authorities of former Yugoslavia killed people without putting them on trial — in the wake of World War II — but he added there were no indications that among the murdered, apart from innocent victims, were also those who had been directly involved in Nazi formations who committed crimes against Jews, Serbs, and others.

The SPC bishop also noted that in Serbia, the Holocaust was conducted by the German occupying army, led by its special police, the Gestapo, and not the then government in Serbia, which was tolerated by the Germans.

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