A ‘manly’ Saint

*Icon is courtesy of Fr. Stamatis Skliris at Western American Diocese.

We commemorate today St. Andrew the First-Called who is, as  the Venerable Bede suggests, a “manly” saint. The quote below is courtesy of Aaron’s Logismoi blog (here):

Today is also the Patron Saint’s Day of the Royal Family Karadjordjevic. See here from last year’s celebration.

Andrew’s name too carries with it a true image of his mind. For the Greek ‘Andrew’ means ‘manly’ in Latin. By willingly following the Lord, either at John’s preaching or at the order of the Lord himself, he shows [us] that he belonged to the heritage of those who boldly despise temporal possessions out of love for eternal things, [and] who believe that they will see the good things of the Lord in the land of the living [Ps 26:13]. Until they attain these things, they strive to await the Lord with the psalmist, and to act in a manly way and to strengthen their heart [Ps 26:14].


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