Different Categories of Pentinents

From the book An Interpretation of the Divine Liturgy Based on Actual Events and Experiences of Holy Priests, Monks and Lay People by Protopresbyter Stephanos K. Anagnostopoulos when writing about the litany of the catechumens he explains the different categories of penitents: Firstly: The excommunicated. The Church would cut them off completely from its BodyContinue reading “Different Categories of Pentinents”

God’s Invitation

From Fr. Patrick Reardon’s Daily Reflections for Christmas Eve (here): Few themes, I suppose, are more pronounced in the teaching of Jesus than that of God’s invitation. Whether to a banquet or a wedding, Jesus sees man as invited by God. I believe this divine invitation implies many considerations of anthropology, but I limit myselfContinue reading “God’s Invitation”