Mob in Athens Abuses Muslims…

From Reuters (here) :


Athens’ Muslim community is without an official mosque and prayers are usually held at cultural centres or community halls or private apartments around the city. The Muslim community in Greece is estimated at about 1 million, in a country where most people are Greek Orthodox Christians.

While the Muslims prayed, some locals shouted obscenities from their balconies and waved Greek flags. Leaflets that depicted pigs — an animal Muslims consider unclean — were scattered across the square.“There is a (unofficial) mosque near here but we’re afraid to go there,” said a 30-year old migrant from Bangladesh, who gave his name as Shamasul. “Sometimes Greeks in the neighborhood threaten to kill us.”

See here for full story.

4 thoughts on “Mob in Athens Abuses Muslims…

  1. Greeks in Athens should let the Muslims pray in peace.

    I can understand the reasons for the Greeks’ mistreatment of Mulims: Christian Churches in Iraq and Egypt have recently been sprayed with bullets by Muslim extremists, resulting in the death of scores of Christians; Christians in Pakistan have been killed for refusing to convert to Islam; Christian churches in India and Indonesia have been burned to the ground; etc.

    Nonetheless, these barbaric Muslim actions do not justify hateful activities by Greeks toward Muslims — especially when Muslims are praying.

  2. If one reads the magazine: Road to Emmaus, one would understand the reasons for the lack of forgiveness shown by shown by some Greek Christians to Greek Muslins.

    The magazine had a series of articles describing the treatment of Greek and other Christians by their Muslins rulers back when; the bottom line: either convert to muslin religion or experience exclusion or death.

    The magazine also had a series of articles explaining the force expulsion of Greek Christians from Turkey.

    I image that the current economic environment in Greece: high unemployment, lack of opportunity, etc. is causing people to respond to their frustrations violently. And taking it out on newly arrived people.

    In good times and in bad times, punishment seems to be the preferred solution.

    I pray that the Greek Christians and the Greek Muslins work together to find ways to resolve differences peacefully.

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