The aroma of the Holy Gospel

The fall session of the Holy Assembly of Bishops began today at Monastery Rakovica in Belgrade where Patriarch Pavle of blessed repose is buried. Following the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy a memorial service was served at the grave site. The actual anniversary of his passing away was on Monday, the 15th of November.

The following appeared in one of the Serbian papers today:

Metropolitan Amfilohije about Patriarch Pavle

“Every one of the deeds of Patriarch Pavle and all of his words have the aroma of the Holy Gospel”, said Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Coastlands in his sermon at the grave site of the 44th head of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

– He spoke continuously about us being God’s co-workers. That is what he was and has remained, bearing his cross and the cross of his people, he taught both himself and us repeating that our words be mild and proof be strong. Everything that he spoke of he proved with his life – said Metropolitan Amfilohije.

Metropolitan added that we can freely say that we have received another holy father of the Church of St. Sava and concluded his homily with the words: “Holy father Pavle pray to God for us.”


5 thoughts on “The aroma of the Holy Gospel

  1. >Darlene:

    I don’t know how much of Patriarch Pavle’s writings are online or in English for that matter. I translated one of his article about prayer which you can find at link below. Also, there is another article about Fasting and Communion.

    His well known for his 3 volume Questions and Answers regarding various topics from liturgics. Last I heard it’s being translated into English.

  2. A year has gone by since he departed to the Lord. It seems like it only happened yesterday.
    He has left an indelible impression on millions of lives. May His Memory Be Eternal.

  3. Patriarch Pavle’s words and deeds did in fact have the aroma of the Holy Gospel. Moreover, Patriarch Pavle’s exceptional amount of love, humility, and empathy toward all human beings clearly illustrate his dedication to Christ.

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