Tools 75 Centuries Old….

H/T: Theology and Society (here)

World’s Oldest Copper Tools Found in Serbia; Archaeologists Say Tools Made 75 Centuries Ago

An incredible discovery of 75-century-old copper tools in Serbia is compelling scientists to reconsider existing theories about where and when man began using metal, the Earth Times website reports today (November 15, 2010).

Copper tools — axes, hammers, hooks, and needles — were found interspersed with other artifacts from a settlement that burned down some 7,000 years ago at Plocnik, near Prokuplje and 200 kilometers south of Belgrade.

The village had been there for some eight centuries before its demise. After the big fire, its unknown inhabitants moved away. But what they left behind points to man’s earliest known extraction and shaping of metal.

The tools discovered in southern Serbia were made some 75 centuries ago — up to eight centuries older than what has been found to date.

It is unclear why a large quantity of copper tools were found in Plocnik. The head archaeologist on the site, Julka Kuzmanovic-Cvetkovic, said the village may have been a tool-making or trading center.

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One thought on “Tools 75 Centuries Old….

  1. It amazes me that a “village” could last 800 years. I love history, and I’m always waiting for new discoveries to turn up, and they regularly do. Thanks for posting this!

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