3 thoughts on “Message in a bottle

  1. Sensationalism. The video seems to prey on any number of societal misconceptions and paranoias in order to generate alarm. I mean, my goodness, they hit on everything, poisons leaching out of plastic bottles, the end of cheap oil, the notion that the end of cheap oil would be catastrophic at this point (hello, we have cheap natural gas everywhere now – also, carbon can in fact be recaptured and reprocessed, sorry “finite resource” alarmists), the global warming panic, the notion that global warming (manmade or otherwise) would necessarily be a bad thing, and of course the “easy fix.” We’ll all be less poisoned, we’ll have more oil, and we’ll save the environment from immanent doom if we only give up that great “marketing scam,” bottled water.

    People buy bottled water because it is cheap, relatively, and comes ready-made for easy transportation or storage. I have bottled water at home in case there is a serious power outage. If you’re worried about “chemical leach” and the like, you’d best stop eating, because all your meats are leaching unnatural (and natural) hormones into your body and all your veggies are dosing you with trace pesticides. You’re going to die some day, get over it. Something is going to get you sooner or later, and there are more regular culprits than plastic bottles to look to.

  2. Good, short video on a tough subject. Being a nature child, myself, and an opponent of the world’s control and packaging of things like water, my purchases of bottled water, as well as a host of other packaged foods, are almost nil. I have that privilege due to my economic bracket and lifestyle; not everyone does. The same kind of non-thinking in the spiritual sphere that results in pop religion, results in just plain pop when it comes to everything earthly; hence the prevailing attitude of ‘disposable’ life. “Enjoy today, for you can throw it away!” Well, yes, sort of, until one day you wake up and find yourself living in the middle of a huge garbage dump. That just reminded me of an old Huey Lewis rock video, Perfect World, which I think expresses very graphically the message of the video in your post, and also why I personally try to live as naturally and “container-free” as possible.
    This link tells about Lewis’ rock video, and I’m sure anyone who wants to see it can easily find it on YouTube.

    The issues raised by the video in this post seem not to have anything to do with God, and yet it has everything to do with man and our world; hence, yes, it’s all about God, who is coming to judge the earth, and the stewards He left in charge of it.

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