Do not burden your souls with sin…

This past weekend was a very historic  one for the Serbian Church and people. His Holiness Patriarch Irinej was enthroned “in the ancient See of the Serbian Archbishops and Patriarchs, in the Church of the Holy Apostles in this Holy Lavra of Pech.” Fellow blogger George Patsourakos mentioned on his blog Theology and Society (here) the Patriarch’s comments after the ceremony:

“From this holy place we plead the powerful actors of the world not to burden their souls with sin by finding a solution for this southern Serbian province that will deprive the Serbian nation of its heritage, prosperity, graves of ancestors and its sacred sites.”

You can read his enthronement homily here.

View a video clip here.

5 thoughts on “Do not burden your souls with sin…

  1. Matthew/George:

    The colonization of Kosovo was noticed. I was there in 1982, at the Patriarchate of Pec during Albanian riots. They were raping nuns and trying to pressure the Serbian population back then in Kosovo, but the Western imperialists hadn’t figured out the cheap labor yet.

    Anyway, you can thank the communists, particularly Tito and the Serbian commies that didn’t allow Serbian refugees to return to Kosovo after WWII. Tito also opened the borders with Albania to encrouage Albanians to settle in Kosovo. All this to weaken the Serbs. That’s how the whole artificial border concept throughout the former Yugoslavia came about. That’s why so many Serbs were found to be “outside” Serbia.

    Now, unfortunately, the imperialists have the cheap labor + contain Russia policies going and we’re in quite a conundrum.

  2. Matthew,

    I think I know where you are coming from, and the idea “we make our own beds and sooner or later we have to sleep in them” is, I think, correct. What I don’t know, is whether this idea can be applied to the Kosovo situation. Though I am a historian, I have not studied the history of Serbia, Kosovo, or the Albanian people, so I cannot even give an opinion. I can only see what has been happening to Kosovo since the breakup of Yugoslavia, and I see absolutely no reason for the wanton destruction of Serbian religious heritage there, nor for the intimidation of the remaining Serbs by the Albanians, which would force them to completely evacuate.

    Where I do think your adage can be applied is the state of western Europe and its continuing Islamification, and the gradual hispanization of the United States. In both cases we see nations that want cheap labor so that they can continue their arrogant, wasteful and hedonistic lifestyles at as low a cost as possible. Forgive me, brothers, I know I am over-simplifying even in these comparisons, because not everyone in Western Europe and America fit in these categories. Most of us are just getting by, trying to provide for our families, but even so, we are also affected by the policies that others above us make, mostly for their own good, with our good as a secondary benefit when possible. But economic, social and cultural piracy by the world rulers invites the movement of replacement peoples, sometimes with catastropic results. You don’t even have to study the history of the later Roman Empire to see this. Again, just look at Western Europe and North America.

    We have to be gentle in judging cases such as Kosovo. People have hearts in their bodies, but don’t often think about them, until some malady forces their attention. The heart quietly bumps the blood that feeds and relieves waste from all the body cells, yet the mind does not even give it a thought. Kosovo may be that heart in the Serbian body, hidden and maybe uncared for until the disease that has attacked the body draws attention to it. But Serbia still needs Kosovo as a human body needs a heart. It would be difficult to live without one.

    This issue is too complex for a number of reasons. May God grant mercy to all those who are part of this tragedy.

  3. One might understand (intellectually) the anguish of the Serbian Orthodox Church and people but not with the heart. I am part Serbian and I am one of those.

    The question in my mind is, if Kosovo was so important why didn’t they notice until too late that it was being ‘colonized’ by Albanian Muslims? Is what happened such a surprise?

    As with all things in life, we make our own beds and sooner or later we have to sleep in them.

    No offense but perhaps this is punishment for arrogance.

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