Saddle up!

In an effort to fit more people on planes it seems as though something needed to be taken out – comfort!

(Courtesy: Huffington Post here)

A new brand of airline seats called SkyRider, created by Italian company Aviointeriors, are already causing controversy, even though they have yet to be placed in any airplanes. The new seats are basically extremely upright saddles, providing 7″ less legroom than most economy seats do now.

The seats are being introduced as an option for low-cost airlines as a way to fit more people in planes. They hardly seem to fit people of normal height and weight. When a company representative was asked about how these seats would accommodate overweight passengers, his response was “try to lose some weight.”

It seems as though these types of seats won’t work. You be the judge.  See video here.

2 thoughts on “Saddle up!

  1. If they reaslly want to fit more people onto the planes, why not try the “standing only” option and provide a system of overhead tube supports and leather nooses for people to hang on with one hand, while trying to keep a handle on their luggage and small children with the other.

    By the way, there needn’t be any aisles during the flight, and that will save the flight attendants the trouble of having to navigate thru the crowd with soft drinks, beer and peanuts.

    If the planes can be overbooked just enough, the weight and density of the crowd should help keep those who might be weak on their feet standing, using the same social technology that the Orthodox world has used for centuries during those special services at Pascha and Theophany, where the churches are packed so tight, the greatest precaution must be exercised to not catch your neighbor’s hair on fire from your candle.

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