Metropolitan Christopher: One Last Time in Ostrog

After this year’s Assembly of Bishops in May, His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher of blessed memory made a pilgrimage to Monastery Ostrog, as he himself stated, one final time. He said that day in his homily:

“Our people in America refer to Serbia and Crna Gora as the old country. And here I am among you today, I am a pilgrim like you. That through God’s will, on the feastday of St. Vasiljie, I serve and be present here on this day once more while I’m alive.”

That day Metroplitan Amphilohije stated the following in his homily:

“The parents of Metropolitan Christopher left Montenegro at the beginning of the last century and, in fact, they were on the last boat before the onset of World War I. They didn’t know one another but met there [not sure if he meant on the boat or in America] and God gave them 12 children, 8 boys, of which one is our Bishop Christopher, and four daughters. Now, from the womb of his mother, that honorable and noble Montenegrin/Serbian, there are over 120 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. That’s what mothers were like that gave birth and didn’t abort their children, as today they have begun to do in America and here among us; rather, they left behind them a wide path, fulfilling the commandment of God be fruitful and multiply.”

3 thoughts on “Metropolitan Christopher: One Last Time in Ostrog

  1. I met His Eminence only once. A loss for the Serbian Church here in America to be sure. May his memory be eternal

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