Skate or die, dude

There was a post about this Hungarian priest on the Radio Television Srbija website today. Fr. Zoltan Lendvai has been on the skateboard since he was 14. When he became a priest he saw it as a way to attract young people to the church. Three teenagers who never went to church before started attending Mass after meeting and watching Fr. Zoltan skate. His parish is in a small Hungarian town near the border of Slovenia.


4 thoughts on “Skate or die, dude

  1. A Catholic priest using a skateboard is a creative way to attract young people to his parish.

    The fact is that the Catholic Church is just not relevant for most young people today. A plethora of young people have left the Catholic Church because of the multitude of priest abuse scandals, while others have no interest in attending church services.

    Indeed, the Catholic Church will have to come up with more creative techniques that are attractive to young people, if it expects to woo them to its church.

  2. A Roman Catholic priest who can skateboard… hmm, I bet there’s more of them than we’re aware of, and no doubt even some Orthodox priests who can do the same. To skate while in your blacks would certainly draw a crowd anyway in the skateboarding world. I’m not sure of the overall effect, but it is certainly a harmless way of being “contextually relevant” to the prevailing culture. In Portland, there are or have been skateboarding evangelists, and they have had an effect, so why not priests? I wish I were more agile.

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