Food for man

Been reading Lectures on the Divine Liturgy, eight lectures of Hieromonk Atanasije (Jevtic) from 1989, transcribed by Bishop Maxim of Western America which I quoted yesterday. Here is another snippet:

“John Chrysostom when he interprets the Liturgy, rather when he explains how the Lord instituted the Mystical Supper (in Matthew’s 26th chapter), says….How we love him that we would want to bite him, to simply eat him up (that’s what we say to children!). And Chrysostom the liturgist says, This is a true liturgical feeling of love: man wants to give God his entire being, like a child (a child puts everything in its mouth). This is no other sign but a sign of full communion…full communication … and unity: that he wants to commune of Him. It is a fact that man is a creature that  eats for he was created to be fed by God. This is certainly the closest way of communion, of unity. And Christ gave Himself to men as food, for the life of the world. This is what the Liturgy is.”


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