Seeking for the good

“I have acquired the deep, spiritual conviction that whatever you seek from man – that you will also find. If you look for evil, you will find evil. If you look for good, you are blessed and will find good and it will be returned unto you.  We must only dispel that which is negative in our hearts.”

Bishop Lavrentije


4 thoughts on “Seeking for the good

  1. Ameen! and again, Ameen!

    This is the policy I try to use in my life in the world.
    This is what I learned from my spiritual fathers.
    This is what The Word Himself teaches me.
    Love the Lord your God with all your might, mind, heart and soul, and your neighbor as yourself.
    And who is my neighbor?
    Whoever the Lord places in my path.
    A kind word, a smile, or a generous act will disarm even the most hardened and resentful person.
    And if it doesn’t, we still have the reward of knowing we have listened to Jesus, who says, “Love your enemies, and those who despise you!”

    Thanks for posting this word.

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