The Friend of the Bridegroom

“The Forerunner prepared the coming of the Lord, first and foremost, not through others but in himself, by the very fact of his existence. The Lord was met in the world. He did not find Himself alone in the world, for a friend, prepared and worthy to receive Him, had come to meet Him. In this meeting, this friend represented all humankind, or rather, the whole Old Testament Church, which, in his person, was coming to an end, surpassing its limited holiness. In meeting the New Adam, John was the worthy descendant of the old Adam who, by his obedience, was prepared not to repair (for man does not have the power to do so) but to efface to some degree Adam’s disobedience, even as the New Eve, by Her humility an obedience, effaced the disobedience of the first Eve. Together with the holiness of the Woman, who manifested herself as the handmaid of the Lord, worthy of receiving God, there also blossomed the righteousness of a male worthy of meeting God.”

– Sergei Bulgakov, The Friend of the Bridegroom, posted by Fr. Ted here


2 thoughts on “The Friend of the Bridegroom

  1. This helps me to put in a better perspective what our Lord Jesus said of John, “Of men born among women there is no greater than John the Baptist, yet he who is least in the kindom of heaven is greater than he.” The old was passing away and the NEW and eternal had come.

  2. John the Forerunner began a more positive era in Christianity, beginning with his baptism of Jesus. Hopefully, mankind will continue with a positive perspective of Christianity by living a more loving, unselfish, humble, and spiritual Christian life.

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